Black Art Studio - fine African textiles and contemporary art
Africa has been colonized, evangelized, misunderstood, ignored, and liberated.  It is written in our DNA that Africa is the Mother of us all. Ancient cultures are deeply rooted in the time and soil of the Continent,  but in the 21st century everything is changing.  In the words of Suzanne Wenger: "We are all modern people".  Africa is not what you think.

Africa is the source of some of the most cutting edge art and music in the world, and it is a place where ancient traditions of timeless beauty are still practiced. West African cultures place great emphasis on the art of textiles. 

In the modern world, the bold shapes and brilliant colors of contemporary African cotton prints are the stuff of everyday wear and high fashion.  They have come to signify the people of Africa in the popular imagination across the world.

Traditional cultures are also alive and well across the continent.  They continue to be practiced with wonderful diversity in language, cuisine, religion, art and ceremony as well as textiles.  People express nationality, ethnicity, social and economic status, and personal taste in their dress. Time, skill and money are lavishly spent on clothing and personal adornment.  Textiles form backdrops to ceremonies and important events; their movement enhances dance and helps to create the mystery of the masquerade; they are carried as badges of rank and signifiers of office.  A great deal of traditional African culture and treasure is invested in textiles.

  Black Art Studio collects and sells vintage African textiles and garments as well as contemporary expressions of fiber arts and fashion.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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